An Introduction

My name is Scott Pace, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor in Colts Neck, NJ. I have been in practice for over 20 years. While my practice focuses primarily on anxiety and depressive-related issues, a considerable amount of my practice involves relationship issues, addiction issues, and life-change issues. I believe all of these areas are involved in most aspects of our lives. These issues are of great importance to both adolescents and adults. It is my job to assist individuals in clearing a path towards the success and happiness they desire.

I believe that all people, EVERYONE, deserves to be happy. Even though I cannot change the vitriol and negativity in this world, I can help those, who want to be helped, navigate through it. If you espouse the belief that certain races, cultures, sexual orientations (or identities), or ideas are inferior in any way, YOU are the ones creating the vitriol and negativity that are driving this society to shit! I guess I should thank you for existing because it will keep me in business for a long time, but in reality, I would rather just help people meet their goals, instead of helping my clients deal with people like you. That being said, I want to help you as well.

As I wrote in my first post here, ‘Are You the Self You Should Be?’, there may be underlying issues why someone would spew negativity and hatred towards other people or ideas. I specialize in helping people who want to be helped. Some people need to be enlightened, though, because they lack the self-awareness to see their dysfunctional behavior.

Ok, enough about that…I want this blog to be informational, enlightening, and entertaining. I believe in the therapeutic benefits of humor. Life doesn’t have to be a Greek tragedy. Sometimes we experience things in life that are just so outrageous that you have to laugh. It doesn’t mean you are taking a serious issue lightly, no, just the opposite. Laughter provides levity to a situation, a stress reliever if you will. By lowering one’s stress level, there is more clarity, there is the opportunity for rational thought…there is the opportunity for problem-solving. I use humor with my clients in-session, and I will use humor in my blog posts.

I welcome relevant and productive comments. Any abusive or divisive comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


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